Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Throwaway Post

Nothing much to blog about, but tired of seeing the green of the Irish anthology clashing with the soft blue of my color scheme, so the purpose of this post is to be long enough to push that down such that I don't have to see it anymore.

Had "Wood Work" rejected from the Parsec End of the Rainbow anthology. As previously tweeted, I find it amusing when an anthology gives itself a cryptic title and asks "You tell US what it means!" and then rejects your story because it doesn't relate to the theme.

They also said something about there was a whole lotta rigmarole to go through without much payoff in the end. Maybe so.

But I kinda thought that a guy finding fucking EDEN just a few hundred feet deep in the woods of his backyard was kinda cool, though perhaps that didn't come through. Also thought that might be the kinda thing someone might wanna find or expect to find at the end of the rainbow.

Alas . . .

Hell, who knows. Maybe the story doesn't work. Sent it off to "A Fly in Amber" anyway and remain committed to someday getting something into Parsec.

Still got two other stories out there, "urder" sent off to Blood Bound Books D.O.A. anthology and "The Intersection" at their brethren publication Night Terrors. D.O.A. hasn't had too many submissions yet, and they've stretched the deadline to May 31. Night Terrors has had close to forty subs, with only one acceptance thus far and nineteen rejections. So who knows.

They've also listed some new anthologies they are currently accepting submissions to, which raises my eyebrows a little. They've got three open right now, and for a new imprint, it seems that might be biting off a little more than they should chew. Time will tell.

Is this enough? Have I typed enough to move the book cover down some?

J.A. Konrath has a cool post today centering on just "Getting your name out there!" to stimulate the sales of e-books. Click the link on the left ("A Newbie's Guide to Publishing") to check it out.


Fox Lee said...

I think we all know what would be at the end of my rainbow : )

Brendan P. Myers said...

Heh. You never fail to make me smile, Natalie. Thanks.

Aaron Polson said...

Konrath has inspired me. He always does.

No payoff? Eden, man. EDEN!

That's kind of a payoff, isn't it?

Brendan P. Myers said...

Fucking Eden, man!


cebonvini said...

I thought Eden was at Fenway Park ... or was that Iowa?

Brendan P. Myers said...

Heh. Parts of Eden are indeed located within the confines of Fenway and certain corners of Iowa.

Now, FUCKING Eden, with its river of four forks, its groves of fruit trees and frollicking critters, its four-headed Cherubim and flaming sword, not to mention its GARGANTUAN Tree of Knowledge, is a whole 'nuther fucking place entirely.

cebonvini said...

But I hear the BEST pizza is in the back corner of the beachers!

Brendan P. Myers said...

You had to go and say it.

Now I gotta make a special trip . . .