Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Unforgettable Books of the Decade

The news business is jumping the gun on the end of the decade (which, of course, ends next year), and so we are greeted daily with "Top Ten" lists of this and that. My hometown paper, the Boston Globe, has produced their own "10 Unforgettable Books" list of the past decade.

I thought it might be helpful to provide my own quick take on the list (full disclosure: Juggle around these answers, and they are my standard response to most any "Top Ten Books" list):

1. Didn't read it

2. Didn't read it

3. Didn't read it, but tell people I did

4. Didn't read it, but loved the cover

5. Didn't read it, but probably should

6. A murder mystery narrated by a tree? Didn't read it.

7. Didn't read it

8. Didn't read it

9. Didn't read it

10. Didn't read it

I hope you found this helpful.


K.C. Shaw said...

That's amazing. We seem to have failed to read the same books this decade!

Brendan said...

Wow, K.C.

What are the odds?


Anonymous said...

Of course, I read all of those. *eyes darting wildly* Yeah. All of 'em.


Brendan said...

Mercedes: Be fun to set up a book club for each of them, to see how much BS we can sling before we're caught . . .