Thursday, January 7, 2010

Local Boy Makes Good

From The Boston Globe:

"Ever felt that twinge of panic when a ski lift stops in the middle of its ascent and you wonder what it would be like to get stuck up there? Most people let that scary thought go as soon as the chair starts moving again. But Adam Green, a screenwriter and film director who grew up in Holliston and plies his trade in Hollywood, has made a full-blown horror movie out of it.

“Frozen,’’ which will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival Jan. 24 followed by a nationwide release Feb. 5, tells the story of three young snowboarders who get stranded high atop a chairlift long after the apparatus has shut down. As night descends, the trio realizes the resort has ceased operations until the following weekend, and it soon becomes apparent the bitter cold is the least of their concerns . . ."

Only wish I'd thought of it.


Unknown said...

Very cool. I've been working with snow as a character in my WIP. It tends to get chilly at my desk.

Brendan P. Myers said...

I thought so too, Jeremy. And best of luck with all your resolutions! (Though . . . don't change too much. You're doing more than something right.)

Fox Lee said...

Die, stupid teenagers! Die! Die!

I'm sorry...that's my natural horror movie reaction. They don't actually have to be teenagers.

Brendan said...

Made me smile, Natalie. Course I haven't seen the film, however . . . I'll bet you're on to something. Ten bucks sez the promiscuous ones go first.