Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sweetest Words I've Ever Heard

I've mentioned in this space before that a small press had asked for a full of one of my novels. I'm delighted to report that the below arrived in my in-box on Saturday:

"Dear Mr. Myers,

I've spent the last two days [finally!] giving your manuscript . . . the close reading that it deserved, and I like it. I'd like to publish it.

And I'm interested to hear more about your sequel. Readers love sequels. In fact, readers love series."

Now anything can happen, and I've had my hopes dashed before.

But rumor has it a contract is on its way, and I intend to return it immediately before they change their mind.

I'll proudly sign on with these folks. It is a small but well-respected niche press, who has garnered very positive reviews for the small number of books they have published.

And I'll be looking to some of my writer and editor friends to say nice things about it we can use for blurbs. Be ready! I promise to one day return the favor.

And as always, thanks for reading.


Cate Gardner said...

Jealous. :D

Brendan P. Myers said...

Hey! But boy, do I know that feeling, Cate Gardner, author of "The Sour Aftertaste of Olive Lemon."

And thanks. It really is support and the example of folks like you that keep me going at all.

Aaron Polson said...

Huzzah! Have a round on me. (I'm buying at least one copy of the book, alright?)

Brendan P. Myers said...

Hey, thanks, Aaron Polson, author of "The House Eaters."

A copy of which I also intend to acquire! Most sincere thanks, indeed.

Thumper said...

Very awesome! :)

Brendan P. Myers said...

Heh, thanks so much Thump, my silent (yet very much appreciated) follower.

I know you're out there! Can't thank you enough for paying attention.

Unknown said...

Awesome, Uncle Brendan. Jealous as well :)

Brendan P. Myers said...

Hey! Thanks, Joe Z., author of "Nice Light These Days."

And you've got more talent in your ten fingers than I've got in my entire body. If there's jealousy, it goes both ways, my friend!

Unknown said...

That's AMAZING!!! Huge congratulations man. You soooo deserve it.

Brendan P. Myers said...

Thanks, Jeremy Kelly, author of the forthcoming, "The Driven Snow."

And we all deserve it, certainly others more than me. But I ain't giving it back! And most sincere thanks again.

Fox Lee said...

Congrats! That kicks ass : )

Brendan said...

Thanks so much, Natalie Sin, author of the forthcoming, "SOUL JERKY: A tale of sex, booze, and rock n' roll" and afficionado of all things Korean boy band.

I am grateful for the kind words.