Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dog Days

Not much to report, except I DID finish a story and sent it off to submission-land. So that's something.

I blogged in February about a book release party held locally for a zombie anthology centered in St. Pete. Never having had a book release party for any anthology I’d been in, I thought that was cool enough.

And though I’d only been here a few months at the time, St. Pete had gotten under my skin enough where I realized it truly was a funky and off-beat enough place to support a zombie anthology of its own.

Though I missed that opportunity, I was inspired to jot down a few pages of notes for a St. Pete-centric zombie short that I’d get around to writing someday, if only for fun.

So color me excited when I learned the folks who created that anthology announced another, and not only that, but a whole series of place-themed zombie anthologies.

The first two announced were for a second St. Pete volume, submissions due August 30th, and a New York City based one, submissions due December 30th.

I was inspired enough to reopen those notes and tailor a St. Pete zombie tale.

Anyway, they probably have hundreds of good ones from folks more talented than me, who know the place far better. And they’re not paying anything, so I have nothing to lose. Still, had fun writing the thing and think it’s pretty good.

In other news, still puttering away on my novel-length Dick Londergan / P.I piece.

More than two hundred folks have downloaded Telegraph Hill, my free Dick Londergan short available on Smashwords, with at least a couple of more every week. Nobody has written to complain, so maybe there's a market for it.

Having fun too (thus far only in my head) with prospective titles. I want folks to know it’s a Dick Londergan tale, so I’m trying to both think of a way to get his name in the title as well as to parody great crime novels of the past.

So far, “The Big Dick” is in the lead.



Aaron Polson said...

Nothing too dogish about these days, it seems. Glad St. Pete seems like a good fit.

Brendan said...

Funky: Check
Off-beat: Check
Zombies: Check

That's pretty much my critera.