Friday, September 24, 2010

A Mouth for Picket Fences

I always appreciate it when writer friends ask for a little cross-blog promotion, for two reasons, really. First of all, I'm not all that comfortable promoting my own stuff, because I probably suck, and nobody will ever love me, and I'm going to die homeless and penniless and . . .

I'm sorry. Did I say that out loud?

The second reason is, it provides an instant blog post for this place, the likes of which I'm finding it harder and harder to do, mostly out of sheer laziness. But I truly am excited about this one, because in this instance, it gives me the opportunity to post this way-cool cover:

And if you're anything like me, after seeing that cover, you want to see . . . more.

You can do just that by clicking this link to Belfire Press to check out my friend Barry Napier's new collection of poetry. Here's what folks are saying about it:

"Napier’s poetic characters inhabit a world of contrast, where “normalcy” is measured by the weight of the unknown and the commonplace is balanced on the blade of a knife."

-Constance Brewer, co-editor, Everyday Poets

“A Mouth for Picket Fences” showcases Barry Napier’s unique voice and maturing skill as a poet. His is a name worth watching, and “A Mouth for Picket Fences” is a collection worth reading."

-Brian Hatcher, Shroud Magazine

"In this collection, Napier moves confidently from “the nebular of a hayfield” to “a chapped madness.” Do not expect to know what comes next as Napier skillfully carries us from poem to poem."

-Kelli Russel Agodon, author of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room

And head on over to Barry's blog ghosts in (parentheses) where you can win an autographed copy of the book and some other very cool prizes, and also check out some of his other stuff.

Most sincere congratulations, Barry.

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