Monday, October 18, 2010

Kindle for the Web

Amazon has a new program available called "Kindle for the Web" which (apparently) allows you to sample Kindle books via a small web-based application.

To the right of all books on Amazon is a new button called "Kindle Edition" which allows you to read the first chapter for free online and buy a copy for the Kindle and other e-readers.

But the app also has an "embed" feature which appears to work the same way as embedding a YouTube video onto your blog or web page. And the true purpose of this blog post is to see how this works:

Well, I had to squeeze and narrow the window to make it fit due to my narrow blog layout, but on a normal web page it might be pretty cool. Have no idea either why it's double-spacing everything (it's not double-spaced on the Kindle itself).

But it is beta, and I can see how one might use it to market their books. Kudos to Amazon for offering tools such as this to assist Kindle authors in their marketing efforts, and doing their best to ensure Kindle remains the gold standard for e-book reading.

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