Friday, November 5, 2010

Stupid Human Tricks

Regular visitors to this blog know I'm a huge fan of Michael Connelly. Best known for his jaded LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, Connelly has over time added a number of other characters to his repertoire, and sometimes has fun cross-pollinating them between novels.

When "The Lincoln Lawyer" came out circa 2007, I picked it up and read the blurb, saw he was adding another character to his pantheon, an LA-based criminal attorney named Mickey Haller. For some reason, I never bought it. Perhaps after reading so much Connelly, I just needed to move on. Or maybe it was after reading one of the lesser Bosch novels, I just didn't give it a chance.

I confess too the title kind of threw me. Connelly writes LA perhaps as well as Chandler in his prime, but what, now he's writing about Lincoln, Nebraska?

Anyhow, I only tell you that so I can share this.

I'm finally in the middle of it, enjoying the hell out of this densely plotted legal thriller, when it occurs to me I hadn't yet updated the "What I'm Reading" portion of this blog showing the cover of my current read and linking to Amazon. While I'm at the book's Amazon link, I note that just six of the more than three-hundred reviews give it one star.

Now, I'm only halfway through it, and I guess if it turns out it was all a dream I might be pissed. But what would possess these readers to give the book one star? Disappointed Bosch fans, perhaps? Disgruntled Chandler fans angry Connelly is doing so well on their turf?

You won't be surprised it was nothing like that. Here are two of the six one-star reviews:

I thought that I purchased a hardcover edition of this book but instead received a paperback. Maybe I missed it but it should be made perfectly clear what you are odering. As a result I did not read the book and gave it away.


I am currently going through three (3) different books; all three (3) of which I have borrowed from the Library; & which I received prior to ordering Lincoln Lawyer; & just late yesterday afternoon, renewed them all. I can only say in the past I have enjoyed ALL legal books/thrillers, regardless of the Author, unless the book contains smut. If an Author has a good plot, he does not need to add smut. Do hope you will be able to receive suitable reviews from others. Hopefully, another time I can be of assistance. M.

People are idiots.

But then, so am I.

The title has nothing to do with Nebraska.

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