Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Update

Funny how time passes, and the next thing you know you haven’t updated your blog for a while. Don’t want January to pass without at least a second post.

Not much going on writing-wise. Recently completed two shorts, one a post-apocalyptic tale that was rejected from Necrotic Tissue that I’ve sent it along to Triangulation, whose latest anthology uses as its theme “Last Contact.”

Triangulation creates themes for their anthologies and then says, “You tell US what it means!” You may recall I had a story rejected from them once that they said didn’t quite fit their theme. Heh. Can’t have it both ways, my friends.

At least I can smile about it.

Completed a second short that I don’t know quite what to make of, indeed haven’t even titled yet. Had an idea rolling around in my skull for a while, yet even I didn’t know until I wrote it that the main character would end up having . . . relations . . . with a somewhat alien plant. So keep your eyes open for an erotic plant anthology, okay?

What brought me back to the blog was to update the “What I’m Reading” corner. Just finished Richard Laymon’s “Flesh” (a gory serial-killer tale that uses a supernatural device as an excuse to write a gory serial-killer tale) and started reading “Black Sunshine,” one in a series of S.V. Date’s humorous Florida tales.

If you’ve devoured Carl Hiaasen, completed Laurence Shames, and run out of Tim Dorsey’s, you may want to give Date (Dah-tay) a try.

Sales of my Amazon offerings have been slow but steady, with even a couple of recent downloads of “Hopetown,” my first attempt at a thriller.

Yes, I know it’s flawed and no doubt cliché filled. Still, I had fun writing it and am told by some it was entertaining. And that, after all, is my goal.

Anyhoo, hope all is well with my friends and readers. Going to begin work on a couple of things, including the third installment of my “Applewood” saga. Whether the world wants it or not!

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