Friday, September 28, 2012

Thanks and an update

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased my new book Hell City, the continuation of the Dick Londergan Chronicles. The way these things work, early sales are important in maintaining the visibility of the book on the various bookselling websites. So, if you haven’t bought your copy yet, what are you waiting for? I'm pleased to report as well it is now available for the Nook.

Thanks too for every Facebook like my Amazon Author Page gets, or likes of any of the individual books found there. These also make a difference. 

Mostly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to leave a review or a rating somewhere (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc.) There’s probably nothing more important than getting reviews for your book. Alas, a number of my books and short stories have 0 reviews, and it is no surprise that these are my lowest sellers.

I did notice recently that in July, I received a review for Hope Town from an individual who downloaded it when it was free this past January. Though only three stars, she wrote the following:
This book was very good for a free download. Worth the read, be warned there must be a part II. All in all thrilling
Funny (and I’ve blogged about this before) I think people who receive a book for free review it more harshly than one that they’ve paid for. I’ve noticed this too with my short stories on Barnes and Noble. When they were all free, folks rated them pretty much three stars across the board. In the past few months, those three stars have been creeping closer to 3 1/2. I’m no psychologist, however I suspect that when someone pays for something, they think more strongly about it, either positively or negatively. So far, for me, it looks positive. 

In terms of what’s next, it will be either the next in the “Applewood” series or (taking the reviewer's advice above!) the follow-up to “Hope Town.” Both of them are more than a few chapters in, so it’s simply a matter of which one takes off first. 

So, in summary: Thanks for buying my books, giving me Facebook likes, leaving reviews (doesn’t need to be anything fancy. See above!), and recommending them to your friends. Believe me, it all helps and is appreciated. Until next time!

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