Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cleaning out the desk drawer of my mind

Got an e-mail from Necrotic Tissue with regard to Malpractice. Their website redesign will be done this week and the anthology should be available for pre-order at that time. I'll post the link when that happens.

Got my Writers of the Future Honorable Mention certificate. Very cool. Thinking of perhaps re-working the story rejected from the Footprints anthology for this quarter's contest.

My story Adamson's Rock has been submitted to the oft-delayed InfraDead anthology from Sam's Dot Publishing. Though more pre-apocalyptic than the post-apocalyptic they seem to be looking for, I like its chances.

In a previous post, I mentioned a story ostensibly rejected because it contained two instances of the word "bastard." Curious then, that I should visit another writer's blog, who noted he had been asked by that same editor to re-work his story to remove some foul language.

Did the rules change?

And as long as I'm bashing editors:

To the editor of a recent anthology who kept us updated on the status of our submissions on his blog under the heading "Slush Update," I remind him that solicited stories are not slush. It can be degrading enough in this business without having your solicited submission be referred to as slush. You'd think as an aspiring novelist himself, he'd know that.

Been dabbling with something for a future anthology from Horror Bound Magazine temporarily titled Return of the Raven. They are looking for stories that are homage to the themes and style of Edgar Allen Poe. Not sure my story's going anywhere, but its been a lot of fun and has the juices flowing.

Got my t-shirt from Necrotic Tissue. Wicked cool.

Submitted my story titled Fortunato's Ghost to an upcoming extreme horror anthology (as yet untitled) from Comet Press.

If you happen to pick up Northern Haunts, be sure to leave a comment on Amazon. Hoping this one gets a lot of buzz.

My skin is thickening. Rejections hardly sting anymore.


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