Monday, March 23, 2009

Anthologies and whatnot

Not much to report. Received a communication from the folks at the InfraDead anthology regarding my story "Adamson's Rock." They are still considering it, which I suppose is good news. Hope is that the Honorable Mention the story got in the Writers of the Future contest might give it some cachet, but time will tell. Hard to find a place for a close to 10,000 word novelette.

Received the contract from Living Dead Press for my zombie tale "Fortunato's Ghost." Plan to get that back to them today.

Have not heard word one regarding my story for the Return of the Raven anthology. This one is kind of curious, in that they plan to respond only in the event of acceptance. Duotrope reports they have accepted a few, which I guess doesn't bode well for me.

The submission guidelines also stated the editor is "no fan of gore" so I tried to keep that to a minimum. But if that's a dealbreaker for all stories, it will be an . . . interesting . . . Poe homage anthology to say the least.

After not sending it anywhere in a while, I sent my story titled "Telegraph Hill" off to the folks at Well Told Tales. This is an interesting market, in that they look for stories they can turn into podcasts with actors and whatnot.

Well, if they're looking for an old school P.I. a la Nick Danger from the old Firesign Theater records who comes up against Dateline: NBC, I've got just the thing.

Goal for this week: Finish a damn story. Any story.

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