Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Had No Idea

Among the many delights of reading Tim Dorsey, whose books chronicle the exploits of renowned serial killer and all-around bon vivant Serge Storms and his stoner sidekick Coleman, is that they are travelogues of all things Florida.

Here's something I learned from the one I most recently concluded, Hurricane Punch:

"The Hummer took a left onto Sunset Isles Boulevard and crossed a bridge over Biscayne Bay. "Shhhhh! Listen!" said Serge. "You hear that? I heard it."

"Hear what?"

"The bridge. That clackety-clack sound."


"You don't recognize it?" said Serge. "Think of where we are! I'll give you five clues. No, three. No, one. Fuck it: I can't wait. I'll just tell you. It's the opening guitar riff!"

"From what?"

"Now you're being deliberately dense."

"Honest, Serge. I don't –"

"The year: 1975! The place: Miami! The magic . . . Bee Gees! . . . Illustrious brothers Gibb in town to let Florida soak into their Main Course LP being recorded up the road at Criteria. Barry had to take the Sunset Isles Bridge to work every day—the same one we're on right now!—and he starts humming along with that clacking bridge sound. Genius strikes! Hit song! . . ."


cebonvini said...

Wasn't that near where Maurice died?

Brendan P. Myers said...

Goes to WikiPedia . . . Mercy.

"Maurice Gibb died at a Miami Beach, Florida, hospital on 12 January 2003 of complications resulting from a twisted intestine."

Readjusts abdomen . . . responds to Carl:

You're right.

cebonvini said...

I keep track of the Gibb Brothers ... two down, two to go .. D'oh!

Brendan said...

Strangely enough, I think their parents are still alive. Seem to remember they were the last time I checked.