Thursday, July 8, 2010


Olson put his key in the lock and opened the door. He recoiled from the sour aroma that emanated from inside the room, somewhere on the bad smell spectrum between spoiled meat and an adolescent boy's bedroom. After flapping the flimsy door a few times to air the place out, he stepped inside.

Tired and sweaty from a long day on the road, he wanted nothing more than a hot shower and to order up a movie. But first, a long piss was in order, to empty his bladder of the dozen or so cups of tea he'd endured that day. The things you do for money, he thought.

And what he did was collect money from little old ladies for home repairs that would never be done. Today's take alone was close to five grand . . .

I'm pleased to report that "urder" is now exclusively available in my collection 21C and Other Sordid Tales:

Available now wherever fine e-books are sold, or click the link in the "My Books" section on the right to find the collection at Amazon. As always, thanks for reading!


Green Weenies said...

Maybe you should have had one of your trusted compadres critique "urder" before you submitted it... Actually, my highly educated opinion says it didn't sell because of your past-tense verbization of "schmutz".
How's the weather in St. Pete? Is the Tex-Mex still there on the causeway to CLW? Hope all is well, DM from STL

Brendan P. Myers said...

Well, I'll be damned. How the hell are you, man?

First off, did you actually feel something earlier today when I thought of you (as I often do) that compelled you to post here? I mean, was there some sort of a "summoning" vibe? A cool breeze from outta nowhere, or a tinnitus-like buzzing in your ears? Inquiring minds want to know.

All is well. Hot as hell. Who knew Florida was so hot? They don't tell you that in any of the literature.

In terms of trusted critiquing compadres, I fear I'm running out of those. Guess there's only so much crap you can foist on folks!

On the bright side, "Applewood" is coming out next year via a small publisher I'm proud to be associated with. And I've got that sequel "Fledge" ready made should anything happen with that (and frankly, even if it doesn't. I'm foisting it on the public anyway) Just finished a pirate thing you can read more about here. Already have two rejections on that!

I'm in downtown St. Pete and haven't gotten out very much. Been to more than a few Rays games though, and the Trop gets a far worse rap than it deserves. Also looks like it might be a special season here (long as they get a heavy-hitter at the deadline) so that's been fun.

Can't tell you how pleased I am to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours. New e-mail address is firstnamemiddleinitiallastname at gmail. Drop me a line sometime! And can't thank you enough for stopping by. Means a lot.

Anonymous said...

I have a story that I absolutely adore, but nobody is willing to touch it. I can only surmise that the world has gone completely insane.


Brendan said...

Hilarious, Mercedes. Thanks for the smile. And I suspect you're right, I mean . . . what other explanation could there be? (:>)