Friday, May 20, 2011

Applewood Update - Rapture Edition

Confess I’m of two minds in terms of this whole world ending thing. From the scant reading I’ve done, it appears it happens in two parts. Tomorrow, the select will ascend into heaven, leaving the rest of us behind to suffer earthquakes and horror and all sorts of fire and brimstone stuff. And then, I guess, it’s October when the rest of us will fall into the fiery pits of hell or something.

Fortunately for me, I’m fairly certain that me and all the people I know will still be here come Sunday morning. For whatever reason, I simply don’t have in my circle of friends folks who believe themselves either born again or saved. That may be either an unconscious decision on my part, or a conscious decision on theirs . . .

Anyhoo, should it all blow to hell tomorrow, I’ll be happy and proud that as of the end of the world, my novel “Applewood” will be (as of this writing, anyway) one of the 200,000 bestselling books in the world. Considering the millions upon millions of books there are, that’s quite a feat!

And though I quite understand why folks may have been reticent to pick up a copy in the past week it has been out, should you still be here on Sunday morning . . . you will have no excuse.

Thanks very much to Patricia Altner at Patricia’s Vampire Notes for posting an announcement about the release. Fun too to see other horror sites around the ‘net picking up the announcement. To all of them, I’m grateful.

In the other good news department, I’m proud to say that my story “Ohrwurm” has been selected to appear in a new anthology, “The Best of Necrotic Tissue” that will be out at some point before the year is finished. I’ve blogged before about how much I liked and respected the folks at Necrotic Tissue magazine. They were the very first outlet to publish me, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. They will be missed.

And so, to those of you reading this who will be ascending tomorrow to be with the choirs of angels, I wish you luck. As for the rest of you, I suspect I’ll see you next week! And there better be a copy of “Applewood” in your hands.

For the rest of us sinners . . . enjoy.

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