Monday, December 5, 2011

My Amazon "Bestseller."

My computer went out on Thanksgiving night and I’ve been off the grid ever since. I won’t share with you the nightmare it was trying to find a new video card for the thing. Frankly, I suspect time offline was probably good for me. What I was most concerned about was having a few bills coming due, and I forget entirely how to pay bills offline.

In addition, a few days before Thanksgiving, I decided to offer my suspense novel "Hope Town" for free on Smashwords. I suppose in the back of my mind, I knew that Amazon reserved the right to offer it for free too, however I’ve never had any success offering work for free on Amazon. For example, my short story "The Intersection" has been free on Smashwords for months and months, however Amazon has deigned not to make it free there for whatever reason.

So I logged in a few minutes ago for the first time since Thanksgiving night to find that not only has Amazon made "Hope Town" free, but it is currently in the Top Ten (no. 8, as I type this) on the Amazon "free" bestseller list in the category of Suspense. I know such things are illusory, but it feels pretty good.

The only other news I have is it appears the final "Fenway Fiction" volume may indeed have found a home, and it will feature my Red Sox tale "A Truck Story." More on that later.

I'm off to find out what Nate and Parker have been up to these past few years. I suspect they have at least a few more stories to tell . . .

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