Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Light Housekeeping

As I mentioned on twitter and Facebook (you do . . . follow me there, don't you?), I read the article in the New York Times this past weekend about Medium.Com, and was intrigued enough to take one of my (I think and hope) good enough for a wider audience posts here and reposted it over there.

It was one of my more personal posts, the one where I talk about running into Stephen King at Fenway Park. You get a minute (technically, seven) give it a read! If nothing else, it looks nicer there than it ever did here.

In other news, have you met Jill? If not, I'm pleased to announce she is now available in paperback! With a swanky new cover to boot:

Of course, Jill won't be happy about it. Not one . . . little . . . bit.

I've also updated the book with two new additions, the otherwise uncollected FORTUNATO'S GHOST and THE INTERSECTION. I'll continue to make those available as standalones at Amazon for .99 cents, mostly just to occasionally offer them for free in the hopes someone will like them enough to buy something else.

Speaking of new covers, I also made one for FORTUNATO'S GHOST. Check it out!

Finally, as noted last week, in a "Hail Mary!" move, I've pulled my books from all other retailers and gone exclusive to Amazon, mostly to take advantage of promotions they offer only to people who go exclusive to them. Among the promotions is the ability to control book giveaways, and I've been giving them away like crazy, always with the hope that people will like them enough to both review them, and to buy something else.

And because statistically, most people who even clicked on this post haven't read this far, if you visit my Amazon Author Page RIGHT NOW . . . you might find that the best New York zombie apocalypse novel EVER WRITTEN is available on Kindle for free. If you missed it, you'll still find it's the best bargain on Amazon at just $2.99.

But don't forget to leave a review!

And as always, thanks for reading.

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