Monday, May 19, 2014

Welcome to Exigua Publishing


May 19, 2014 

Exigua Publishing, a newly formed venture, is pleased to announce it will be the exclusive home of New England native (now Florida-based) author Brendan P. Myers.

“It's a real coup for us,” said Exigua CEO Brendan P. Myers (most definitely a relation.) “In fact, we couldn't be more pleased to have Brendan in the fold.” He went on to add, “To be the exclusive publisher of Brendan's wonderful blend of horror and humor, his short stories and novels. To bring new entries of what are quickly becoming beloved series and characters like the APPLEWOOD saga, THE DICK LONDERGAN CHRONICLES, and the DEAD series to market, well. It's simply a dream come true.”

For his part, Myers is just pleased to have finally found himself a publisher. 

“It might sound a little silly, but to have someone to bounce ideas off, to tell you you're not crazy, to have someone you know will always have your back when times get tough. That's what I feel I've been missing all these years.”

When asked “Why Exigua?”, Myers responded, “I was looking for a publisher with a Latin name, because that's important to me. And when I learned 'Exigua' was the Latin word for 'small,' I knew I was getting close. But it was only later, when I discovered 'Exigua' is perhaps more precisely translated as 'meager' or 'scanty,' that I knew I had found a home."

Myers went on to say his relationship with Exigua is already paying dividends. 

“It's embarrassing to admit, but until recently, I had been using Microsoft Office 2000 for all my manuscripts (Time flies!) The first thing Exigua did was reformat all my ebooks using OpenOffice, making extensive use of styles, and really cleaning them up. They even added some graphic flourishes. Check it out!”
Myers added, “Exigua also once and for all mastered the confounded 'Smashwords Style Guide' which I'd been struggling with for years. So, for these and other reasons, knowing they put out a quality product I can be proud of, I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them.”

When asked about his recent decision to go exclusive with Amazon, Myers answered, “In conjunction with my move to Exigua, I wanted to focus on the largest ebook retailer in the world. And as much as I appreciate all the other retailers and hope one day to rejoin them, the fact is that Amazon has a third of the ebook marketplace." 

Going on, Myers declared, "It's my plan over the next few months to take advantage of all the promotional tools KDP Select provides, to even at times offer my books for free, in the hope that maybe, I'll start getting some reviews. Basically, it's all about trying to jumpstart sales, because let's face it, if I can't sell books on Amazon, I can't sell them anywhere.”

(For a link to Brendan's Amazon Author Page, click below -- and revisit frequently over the next few months for his ongoing FREE Kindle downloads.)



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