Friday, December 10, 2010

Obligatory Update and Weather Report

Not much to report. Finishing up a short (1,500 words or so) post-apocalyptic thing that's been rolling around in my skull a few years. Got the idea from one of those "Top Ten Ways the World Could Really End!" lists that come around every now and then. Probably been done before, but then, what hasn't?

Received something called a "galley" (hey, what do I know? I'm self-published for Christ's sake!) for "Applewood," which on first glance looks pretty good. Will spend the weekend going through it.

It's funny, but after having gone through a few rounds of edits with the publisher, when I'm reading "Applewood" now, it's almost as if it was written by someone else. Not that it has changed that much, though a few scenes were excised and other bad habits I'd fallen into were flattened.

Maybe it's just because it was written three or four years ago, but like I said, by now it's as if someone else wrote it. And I'm pleased to say, someone better than me too.

Not sure exactly how it's going to go, but don't be surprised should I ask some of my writer friends for a blurb or two. Be ready!

Been cold here in St. Pete, with nights down in the thirties and daytime highs not getting out of the fifties. It began warming yesterday afternoon, and temperatures will be in the more normal seventy range before another cold front comes through on Sunday.

Finishing up a re-read of Robert R. McCammon's "Mystery Walk" that I picked up in the local used bookstore. I've mentioned before how long I've been a fan of his. In a recent post on his blog, he noted (to much complaint from his fanbase) that he has no intention of allowing most of his earlier works -- e.g "Baal", "Bethany's Sin", "The Night Boat" -- ever coming back into print.

Of course he's moved on to historical fiction, with his excellent Mathew Corbett series. Seems I recall he noted too (or maybe just gave the impression) that he was a little embarrassed by those earlier books. Having gone back and re-read most of them (and "They Thirst" comes to mind) I know exactly what he's talking about.

Still, for writers who aspire to get better, it's interesting to note just how he improves from one book to the next (though he was pretty damn good to start) before exploding with the wonder that is "Swan Song" and "Boy's Life" and "Gone South" and "Mine."

So, if you should happen to see any early Robert R. McCammon floating around your own used bookstores, pick them up.

They're not making them like that anymore.


Aaron Polson said...

Don't be surprised if your writer friends say "yes".

Brendan P. Myers said...

Thanks, Aaron.